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What’s Included in a Day Trading Membership?

As a Day Trader Membership member, you have access to a multitude of trading tools, including:

  • Intraday Fifth Wave moves on stocks
  • Live analysis from requests from chat box audience
  • Market and futures overview
  • Live show
  • Real-time trading alerts: Open, Close, Trail Stop Loss


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40% of traders quit after 1 month and only 7% are still active after 5 years.
Ensure your success as a trader with the right membership program to help support you.


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You will have access to Paul and his trades in the daily trade alert and management video

Elliott Wave Isolation

Leverage knowledge from Paul and the community from their combined decades of experience before you make your trades.

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Day Trading Membership Team

Our membership team combines over 60 years of experience from Paul and elite traders of the Trade The Fifth community.

Paul Bratby

CEO, Co-Founder

Trades Track Record

We have a successful track record. View our closed trades and see it for yourself.

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