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I usually get them posted during the European morning before the US open. My first job of the day as I live in Europe and the US close has to happen before we can run the scans.
No it will need the indicator suite. It will only be available to those with indicator suite, as you will need all the tools and script from main indicator suite for it to work. And will also, at this stage, be only available for TOS. We have developed this futures day trading add-on in partnership with a third party and is only good for day trading futures at the moment, for the TOS platform, hence not including it in main suite. We will continue to look at extra add-ons, specific to platform and type of trading in the future, so traders can tailor there setup by adding these add-ons in the future.
Yes, it is a robust indicator suite for NinjaTrader NT8 and I have ran it through different data sets through data providers on NT8 with no issues.
Missing mobile purchase
If you purchased a course on iOS or Android, it's possible that the course was not registered to your account. Please email your purchase receipt to
Multiple e-mail accounts
If you use multiple e-mail accounts, or have a Facebook or Google account, try logging in with the associate e-mail addresses.

Purchases & Refunds

Each Broker platform is a different license. If you have already purchased a lifetime license for TOS and want a NinjaTrader version, we give a 50% on the second lifetime license purchase.
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Elliott Wave Indicator - Questions

The watchlist is in the Wave5Trade with downloadable spreadsheets every day. The software is an indicator suite and not a scanner. So all the tools mentioned in the video for automated wave count, pullback zones, target zones, 5/35 oscillator help you build a picture of a stock. The membership gives you great scan results as a starting point on weekly, daily and 60 minute timeframes.
You will find that 50% of your 5th wave trades will turn into 3rd wave trades as they move through target zones and become longer than original 3rd wave. These are what we call truly monster 3rd wave trades
Our Scanner results are from different data source than any of the platforms and we have seen this anomaly only on stocks that have gapped up during 3rd wave. In the Case of CSCO it has gapped twice during current Bullish 3rd wave move which is knocking our Elliott wave count out. It is something we are looking into it and trying to resolve. Its more of a coding issue that my developer is working through. It is on all versions, so is an issue we need to resolve at the root code level to compensate for these large gaps. It hasn’t happened very often and so collecting data in different circumstances is important to adjust the code rules. At this point the technical get a little beyond me. But when the developer has finished Version 3, this fix will be in version 4.
Yes it works well with options as it give projected price of a stock in the automated target zone for the swing trade as well as an average of between 12 and 20 bars to reach target price – so time and price is needed when trading options.
Though we don't support that version, it is a different free version for brokers and the code is different. We have our Indicator Suite for NinjaTrader NT which is free and data costs are low. Thinkorswim which is free and free data, TradeStation and the Paid version of MultiCharts.

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