Trade The Fifth With Us

Our membership programs are created with you in mind. Each program is built to inform and inspire every decision you make within the markets using the Elliott Wave Sequence.

Stocks Swing Trading

Stocks Swing Trading Membership is suitable for active and advanced traders.

  • Free daily trade videos
  • Multiple timeframe potential long and short Fifth Wave trade ideas
  • All downloadable spreadsheets
  • Member-only monthly webinars


SmartList Futures and SmartList Stock Swing Trading Memberships suitable for active day, intraday, and swing traders.

  • Breakout Intelligent Trading Signals
  • Entry Point Signals, Stop Loss and 4 Target Zones
  • 4 Targets based on our exclusive indicators
  • No need to apply multiple indicators to analyze your trades

5K Club

5K Club Membership is suitable for beginner traders with small accounts.

  • Paul’s live trading sessions (at least 2 sessions a month)
  • Archives of all 5k Club trading sessions
  • Learn low risk ways to rapidly grow smaller accounts

Smart Stocks Scanner

Smart Scanner Membership is suitable for active and advanced traders.

  • Daily Time Frame
  • Long & Short Swing Trading Opportunities
  • Stocks & ETFs
  • Updates Trailing Stops Daily
  • Algorithm from our Roller Coaster

Questions About Our Memberships

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